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At Dare 2 Dream Farm, we are committed to providing the best of Canada’s Natural Sweeteners, honey and maple syrup. We focus on being innovative and developing new products.

All About Raw, Local and Natural

Food is the essence of life. We believe good, pure food leads to the healthiest, happiest life. All of our products are made entirely from 100% raw, local, natural ingredients. The best part about pure ingredients is their incredible flavour, making these a must for aspiring chefs and food lovers alike.

What Our Clients Have to Say

A testimonial from Tina R Ward on Honey Vinegar

Great chat with Tina R Ward on Honey Vinegar. Tina is a Holistic Nutritionalist with a private practice in Whitby, Ontario. She says her commitment is to inspire and guide individuals to achieve optimum health through nutrition and healthy living. This comes from her deep passion and personal belief that a healthy well-balanced lifestyle is within everyone's grasp." Tina believes that everyone should be using vinegar in their daily lives. To learn more please visit www.tinarwardnutrition.com.

Tina R Ward
Holistic Nutritionalist

How you can use HV to control/prevent acne

Honey Vinegar is great for acne! This beautiful young student has struggled for years with controlling her acne and in the process spent a lot of money looking for something that works. She was most delighted when introduced to the wonders of HV. You can ingest it daily, taking 1-3 teaspoons of HV in your water. This works from the inside out. OR, you can put the HV on a cotton pad and massage it over the problem area in the morning or at night. Make sure you leave it sit for about 10 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse face. Thank you for your time my friend and we are so honoured to have set you on the right path.


A testimonial from Scott Yeo - Retired Firefighter

Scott Yeo, retired firefighter of 30 years and resident of Orono, Ontario explains his success with Honey Vinegar. With one tablespoon a day the HV was able to lower his cholesterol and manage his diabetes. We are so happy for you Scott and thank you for your time.

Scott Yeo
Retired Firefighter

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