Please visit the farm for a full selection of all our soft & cozy Alpaca Products!
Items changing weekly. Purchase only available at the farm.

Alpaca Wool – $22.00 + tax
– We offer varying lengths
– Some are mixed with silk, others bamboo

Alpaca Mittens – $35.00 + tax
– Varies in different sizes, colours and patterns

Alpaca Socks – $60.00 + tax
– Offer several lengths, sizes and patterns

Alpaca Insoles – $18.00 + tax
– Amazing at keep feet warm and dry
– Great for boots, shoes or slippers
– Works well in summer months to keep feet cool
– Absorbs foot sweat in summer months
– Able to cut the insoles to perfectly to fit your feet
– We offer S/M/L

Hi Dreamers,

Thanks for a great season! The farm is now closed as we prepare our busy little bees for winter. BUT don't worry, our self-serve store is still open for you and your family. Cash only.

Thank you and have a great day.

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