Our Story

In 2010, after a series of illnesses that were destroying his body, Steve was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease. Lyme’s is a bacterial infection that attacks, damages and shuts down parts of the body. Eating clean was a large part of Steve’s recovery, so knowing where his food came from became critical.

Initially Steve and Patty raised their own laying hens, broiler (meat) chickens and produced a small amount of maple syrup. In 2010, they bought 4 bee colonies and the love and challenges of beekeeping began.

In 2012, they decided it was time to get their own farm, and moved to the current location by the beginning of 2013. This farm was to be a 10-year plan. Build it up for 10 years and then decide what the next steps would be. It was at this time that the farm was appropriately named “Dare2Dream Farm”. There was a lot of work put into restoring the farm and surrounding property. Everyone pitched in to make it work.

Since 2015 we have been focused on agri – innovation. We are constantly striving to develop the best new products. In the past few years we have created honey and maple sticks. They are straws that are capped on both ends that contain 1tsp of either honey or maple syrup. When you pop open one end it becomes the perfect stir stick for coffee or tea. We then decided to develop a maple cotton candy. It was made from pure Ontario maple syrup and only contained 5g of natural sugar for the entire tub. It was known around town as “Maple Fluff”. Our next best hit was Honey Vinegar. This product was made from raw, Ontario honey that we converted into honey wine, fermenting it into honey vinegar. The product is great for your guts and has several health benefits. It reduces acid reflux, inflammation and is great to use against the common cold. Our latest product is Maple Butter. We make this product purely from Ontario maple syrup. You can use it on toast, pancakes, waffles, cake, cookies, ice cream or whatever your heart desires. Please be sure to check back regularly for new products.

2020 Covid 19 hits and we had to re invent ourselves. We shut down all tourism and events and closed our retail store and stand. Our honey vinegar operation sold and is being moved and expanded to western Canada. The new owners are family orientated and have built a massive plant dedicated to expanding this awesome product around the world. We took a long hard look at beekeeping and honey production. The problems with the bees, disease, pesticides, cell phones etc has made it very difficult to product a sustainable crop. We have decided to cease all commercial beekeeping operations. Our focus now is maple syrup products, spending more time enjoying life.

Meet Our Farmers

Steve and Patty Lawrence

Additional Members of the Farm


Tucker is “The Best Black Dog” we have on the farm for 5 years running. His best work is usually done in his off-season where he is the regular “Paper-Boy” for the weekly newspaper deliveries on Thursdays. Although his bark is powerful, we think he is really just saying “PLEASE! MY BELLY. MY BELLY NEEDS RUBBING!!!!” The one warning we have is not to look at him in the eye if you are eating something – he may just convince you to share with him!


Lilly AKA “Sweetie-pie” or “Ol’ Floppy Ears” is our Beagle cross Blue Tick hound. She has the attitude of a stereotypical beach bum – Not going to move to fast, and just hang out here in the sun. She too loves the belly rubs, and sharesies of your lunch. She thinks her number one job on the farm is wild rabbit patrol, which you might hear her hound howl when she is on duty.


Nike is the newest member of the farm. Nike is a 12″ beagle that is FULL of energy. Her favorite past time is chasing foxes and coyotes off the property. Nike is the most snuggly dog we have ever owned. Nike got her name from the color pattern on her back. It is a perfect “Nike” swoosh.

Mission Statement

At Dare 2 Dream Farm, we are committed to providing the best of Canada’s Natural Sweeteners while educating our local community about a healthy lifestyle through local, natural food.

Contact Us

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  •  8169 Langstaff Rd. Kendal Ontario Canada