Our Maple Products

Our Maple Syrup is made the traditional way on a nearby property over a Wood Fired Evaporator. This method preserves the natural flavour profile that will bring you back to your childhood! If you would like to visit our farm or book a sugar bush tour to see how it’s done, please contact us!

Wood Fired Maple Syrup

The Oak Ridges Moraine is protected for its purity and our syrup being a product from there is no different. We take the sap from the maple tree use the traditional method of an organic wood fire to evaporate about 34% of the water. Although this is a timely process, have a taste and you will understand why we do it! After drizzling on your pancakes, splash some in your coffee for an extra morning pick-me-up!

Maple Vinegar

You have heard about all the benefits of vinegar, but you can’t get past the taste. We have you covered! Our vinegar is barrel aged and infused with either our raw honey or wood-fired maple syrup creating a subtly sweet and smooth vinegar. It is delicious drizzled on a salad or when used as marinade. If you can’t get enough, mix 1tbsp with 500 ml of water for a beverage that has that refreshing kick of lemonade but with natural sugars and benefits of your grandma’s apple cider vinegar!

Maple Fluff

Our Oak Ridges Moraine syrup is spun out into a candy floss form to create the ultimate healthy snack! This satisfies any sweet tooth and the entire tub is just 150 calories; fewer calories than a chocolate bar. That’s because it is made from one ingredient: pure maple syrup. It’s all the nutritional benefits of pure maple syrup, like anti-oxidants and minerals, without the chemical additives and dyes found in refined sugar cotton candy.