Our Honey Product

Raw Local Honey

All of our honey is raw local honey that is minimally filtered.

Wildflower Honey

Our wildflower honey has packed the best nectar of the season in which it was collected and put it in a bottle. You can tell which flowers your honey came from by its colour! Lighter honey usually comes from the early wildflowers and dandelions while the more amber honey comes from the Golden Rod in the late summer. Most people enjoy this honey, especially drizzled on their ice cream!

Light Honey Vs Dark Honey: The colour and flavour is dependent on the nectar the bees have collected. Sweet Dream Honey is harvested seasonally. Early season honey is generally lighter in colour and taste. Late season honey ranges from golden to dark. Some feel the darker honey contains more nutrients and goodness.


Cinnamon Infused Honey

Infused with rich cinnamon flavour, our cinnamon honey is a favourite for most! We take premium cinnamon spice and combine it with our wildflower honey to create a honey that has a multitude of uses! From a drizzle on your toast to sweetening coffee and tea, cinnamon honey is the taste you can see!

Hot Chilli Infused Honey

If you don’t like heat you are in luck! Our sweet chili honey has a little kick with a lot of relief. Although Trinidad Scorpion and Ghost peppers are used, the honey calms the spice to bring a manageable heat to the tongue. Apart from what you would assume a use for this honey would be (BBQ Rubs, dips, chili sauce, etc) putting this honey in a black tea will make it a delicious Chai tea, perfect for that new book of yours.


Grey Poupon Mustard

Good, made better! Our Grey Poupon Honey mustard has taken the famous Grey Poupons recipe and improved it! Using Canadian grown Brown mustard seeds we grind in house, we switch the white wine in the original recipe for our mead (honey wine) and add our wildflower honey. You may find our mustard has a horseradish kick but we assure you there is no horseplay going on here. Try it for yourself and you will see why we “Poupon Everything”


Honey Vinegar

You have heard about all the benefits of vinegar, but you can’t get past the taste. We have you covered! Our vinegar is barrel aged and infused with either our raw honey or wood-fired maple syrup creating a subtly sweet and smooth vinegar. It is delicious drizzled on a salad or when used as marinade. If you can’t get enough, mix 1tbsp with 500 ml of water for a beverage that has that refreshing kick of lemonade but with natural sugars and benefits of your grandma’s apple cider vinegar!